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White Horse Inn

Photo of White Horse Inn sheet music

The White Horse Inn was the Society’s production in both 1962 and 1974. This musical comedy (sometimes categorised as operetta) revolves around the owner of the titular inn and her head waiter. He is in love with her, but she has set her sights on another, a doctor, a regular visitor to the inn. In turn, he has his eye on another woman and typical intrigues occur before the scenario is finally resolved happily

Composer: Robert Stoltz, Ralph Benatzky

Libretto (English): Robert Gilbert, Eric Charell et al

Year: 1930

Wild Violets

Photo of Wild Violets sheet musicIn 1960 and again in 1982, the Society put on a production of Wild Violets. This operetta tells of the reminiscences of the past triggered by a school reunion. Most of the story is told in flashback as it tells of a trio of friends and how one of them, Paul, met his future wife, Mary.  Naturally, the tale includes various shenanigans and assumed identities!

Composer: Robert Stoltz

Libretto (English): Desmond Carter

Book (English): Hassard Short, Desmond Carter, Reginald Purdell

Year: 1932

The Student Prince

Photo of The Student Prince sheet music

The four-act operetta, The Student Prince is a classic of musical theatre and probably best known for its Drinking Song. Prince Karl Franz is sent incognito to Heidelberg university where he falls for the barkeeper’s niece, Kathie. However, he’s already betrothed to Princess Margaret, who he’s never even met – until she arrives one day to call him home, where his father, the king, is gravely ill. Time passes. Karl Franz is now king himself, although still without any great enthusiasm for marrying Princess Margaret. One day, he’s tempted back to Heidelberg to meet up with his old student friends. Margaret meets up in secret with Kathie and persuades her to forsake Karl Franz, which she does. In a bittersweet finale, Karl Franz resolves to marry Margaret, but avows that Kathie will always be his true love.

The Student Prince was produced by the Society in 1956 and again in 1966.

Composer: Sigmund Romberg
Libretto: Dorothy Donnelly
Book: based on Wilhelm Meyer-Foster’s “Old Heidelberg”
Year: 1924

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